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Pinboard with AI


Develop ideas, prioritise and implement solutions - now with AI

Finding solutions in your team: fast, simple, effective

Collaboration on the pinboard

Developing solutions in a team

Whether new products, technologies, innovations or small improvements: You can easily collect ideas in your team on the Innoboard. Invite colleagues, customers or suppliers and make use of "The Wisdom of the Crowds".

Pinboard with AI

Collecting ideas with AI support

Every Innoboard member can develop and contribute their own ideas - optionally with the support of Cocreator, the AI-based innovation assistant in INNO-VERSE.
Simply send an invitation to as many participants as you like and the idea gathering can begin!

Idea evaluation

Evaluate and prioritise ideas

The members of your Innoboard can rate and prioritise the ideas according to different criteria. As the manager, you still have the final say: with one click, you give your final rating.


And so that you never lose track of hundreds of ideas, you can tag them and filter them accordingly.

Categorize ideas

Flexibility in ideation management

We understand that every problem and every team is different. That's why you're completely free to customise your Innoboard. Create individual evaluation criteria, change your idea template and categorise your ideas with individual tags.

Our Innoboard is a breeze to use for participants as well as managers

Of course, we are still happy to offer our help. Use our support to understand how you can take your idea management to the next level.

The benefits in brief

Collaborative brainstorming with colleagues, customers, suppliers

High user-friendliness - no training required!

Evaluation of ideas in the team

Quick, easy prioritisation of ideas

Individually adaptable to your problem

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