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Climate-neutral companies as pioneers for the future

Image of a green meadow and the lettering Net Zero

Companies have a great responsibility to actively shape the path to climate neutrality and reduce their own CO₂ footprint. But how can the corporate mission be reconciled with the global climate goals? The answer lies in a holistic approach that ranges from identifying emission sources to implementing concrete measures.

What is required is a paradigm shift that permeates the entire corporate culture

This may seem challenging at first glance, but it can also hold enormous potential. Dealing with the question of how environmental pollution can be avoided can also lead to new business models that increase company value and create a positive perception among customers, partners and (potential) employees. The only question is:

Climate neutral companies: where and how to start?

At the beginning there is an inventory: emission sources must be identified and localized in order to be able to initiate targeted measures. These can range from switching to renewable energies to optimizing logistics processes and promoting environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

What is also required is a paradigm shift that permeates the entire corporate culture - from the management level to the grassroots. Because without the commitment and motivation of the employees, the transformation into a climate-neutral company is not possible. It is therefore important to work together on ideas and innovative approaches that can contribute to more climate neutrality in your own company.

For inspiration, we have put together a collection from our innovation compass with some examples that show possible, some very easy to implement, ways to reduce CO₂.

Simply click on the image link and you will dive into our innovation insights:

Image link that leads to six innovation examples

Climate-neutral companies: where and how to delve deeper?

If you want to delve even deeper into the topic of “climate-neutral companies”: In the INNO-VERSE there is endless space in the knowledge hub for HR and OE to work on innovative solutions and ideas – individually or in a team. There, our users not only have the opportunity to receive support from our COCREATOR, an AI-based assistant, in generating ideas.

Photo: Nicole Raukamp
Nicole Raukamp

They are also accompanied by NICOLE RAUKAMP: As a marketing and communications consultant, Nicole works for financial service providers (focus on sustainable investments) and has specialized in ESG and sustainability topics - for example in strategic corporate communication or employer branding. These topics are also becoming increasingly relevant for attracting young talent.

Regardless of legal requirements, companies can no longer afford to think only in economic terms, even given the shortage of skilled workers.

Nicole will continually provide innovations and impulses on the topic of climate neutrality, as well as moderate and support the community's ideas.

But where you work on climate-neutral solutions doesn't really matter...

The main thing is that it happens. Because we definitely need more companies that are brave enough to think outside the box and see change as an opportunity.


Illustration of our cocreator, an AI-supported assistance system

Our COCREATOR, an AI-based assistant, has been live since August 10, 2023 and is available as a beta feature in all hubs in the INNO-VERSE!

All customers with access to the beta features can now use the Cocreator to develop even more diverse ideas and innovative solutions.

Would you also like to develop more innovative and better ideas? Then simply contact us. You can test the Cocreator for free at any time

Greetings from INNO-VERSE

The entire in-manas team


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