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The INNO-VERSE March update: AI insights and usability boost!

Updated: Mar 15

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INNO-VERSE faces exciting changes! Long-term plans and exciting projects in the field of artificial intelligence are taking shape. With the upcoming March update we take the first step, which will bring both small and big changes. Our focus is on improving the user experience. For you, this means not only innovation, but also tangible added value when using our platform. Look forward to a revamped user experience that not only enables innovation, but also significantly improves usability.

From tools and towards workspace-specific topics

On our path to continuous improvement, we will reach an important milestone in March: switching from a tool-based logic to a topic-based structure. This involves an intuitive redesign of the familiar tools such as the trend radar , the innovation compass and the pinboard , now bundled on a clear tool page. The resources you have created so far will remain intact, but will now find their place on a central page - an organisational advance that we will discuss in more detail shortly.

Another particularly exciting innovation is the seamless integration of AI insights directly into your dashboard. These insights are similar to the well-known compass feeds, but go a decisive step further. They are not only created by our CoCreator , but are also tailored precisely to your workspace. Imagine receiving tailored insights and innovations on topics such as advanced energy production, energy storage and energy efficiency in your energy hub. In your HR hub, however, the focus is on innovations that deal with future working and learning worlds. This tailor-made adaptation of AI insights to the individual workspace promises more precise and relevant information provision than before.


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The new tool page – everything in one place

The upcoming change to the navigation bar not only brings with it a new arrangement of tools, but also significant added value for you as a user. Instead of the usual display in the top bar, your tools will now be grouped together on a central tool page. The clear aim of this change is not only to make operation less complex, but also to significantly improve user-friendliness.

The benefits of the new tool page are obvious. By bringing together the Trend Radar, Innovation Compass, Pinboard and Channels in one place, not only is navigation more efficient, but access to resources is also much easier. Instead of several clicks in the top bar, one click on the tool page is now sufficient, resulting in time-saving and intuitive use. As well as increasing efficiency, the change is designed to improve the way we work by prioritising quick access and taking usability to a new level.


Improved overview and usability, even on the dashboard

As part of the ongoing usability improvements, we are introducing not only the innovative Tools page, but also a streamlined entry experience to the Workspace Dashboard. The upcoming overhaul will focus on a comprehensive clean-up and increased personalisation of the dashboard to consistently implement the "everything in one place" principle. This strategic redesign allows users to find their most recently used resources - be it the Trend Radar, the Pinboard or other tools - directly on the dashboard. This targeted customisation ensures that you can seamlessly pick up where you left off.

By integrating the most recently used resources into the dashboard, we provide direct access to the relevant tools to optimise your workflow. Our aim is not only to increase efficiency, but also to provide you with a simple working environment that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

In addition, your new dashboard will now feature Workspace Feeds, which will bring you innovations directly related to your workspace topic.


Update Highlight: CoCreator insights personalised for your workspace

But now on to our absolute update highlight: Our brand new AI Insights feature, curated exclusively for your workspace by our CoCreator. This intelligent approach gives you access not only to tailored, personalised content, but also to external information from trusted sources that is specifically relevant to your workspace. The CoCreator does the searching and delivers the relevant information to you on a silver platter.

However, the integration of AI insights goes beyond the knowledge horizon and significantly facilitates strategic alignment within the hub. The new feature not only provides instant access to relevant data, but also increases the efficiency of your decision making and resource utilisation. AI insights are the key to easy and in-depth research, providing the foundation for informed decisions and optimal solutions.



The new Global Support so you can find your way anywhere

We have a final, particularly valuable innovation in store for you: A small question mark in the bottom left-hand corner of every page will give you direct access to our Global Support team. This is particularly useful for newcomers who need help with their first steps on the platform. As well as providing guidance, Global Support also links to our extensive Knowledge Base and Support Centre, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and detailed instructions on how to use the tools.

If you still can't find what you're looking for and prefer direct communication with an INNO-VERSE employee, Global Support allows you to contact us directly. This ensures comprehensive support and quick solutions to your problems. Discover how this innovative addition enhances your experience with the platform and adds invaluable value for seamless use.


Global Support

Stay tuned!

With the upcoming update on 14 March, we are setting a milestone for greater clarity, improved navigation and an even more user-friendly platform. Our goal is to make your innovation journey even easier and faster. We hope you enjoy the update and are always open to your valuable feedback.

With that in mind, we wish you an inspiring time of innovation and fun on our enhanced platform! Your satisfaction is at the heart of our commitment and we look forward to continuing to add significant value to your creative processes.


🤫 P.S. Have you noticed anything else? Have you ever wondered why some of our tools are now called something else? Firstly, because we now have the same name for German and English, which simplifies things in the background. And secondly, because we wanted to have modern, simple and catchy names for our tools.

So the Pinboard is now called the Innoboard, and the Innovation Compass has simply been renamed Content. In addition, Research is now called Collection in both German and English, which was previously only the case in English. The Trend Radar and Discussions will remain as they are.

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