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Simplify Innovation with AI

With AI Innovation Hubs your teams become agile top innovators

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What you can expect in the Innovation Hub

Develop the best solutions, easier than ever before

Use artificial intelligence, groundbreaking innovation tools and inspiring content to develop outstanding solutions. All with minimal resources.

Simplify innovation with AI

Im INNO-VERSE unterstützt dich unser KI-Assistent CoCreator bei den unterschiedlichsten Aufgaben. Neue Ideen und Anregungen für jede Problemstellung gewinnen, ein automatisiertes Wissensmanagement mit individuellen Quellen aufbauen oder ganze Geschäftsmodelle entwickeln - CoCreator erleichtert dir den Alltag, damit du dich auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren kannst.

What you can expect in the Innovation Hub

Developing new concepts and ideas with AI

Cocreator is our AI-based assistant that helps you develop better and more creative ideas and solutions.

INNO-VERSE AI: Cocreator
Trend radar

Evaluate external trends and their opportunities and risks

Together with your team, you effortlessly analyse the influence of external mega and macro trends. This is how you discover exciting opportunities and actively set the right course for the future.

Join a Knowledge Hub

INNO-VERSE features public knowledge platforms that focus on specific topics. These include HR, nutrition, health, energy, mechatronics and many more exciting topics! Become a member of one of these hubs and learn about the latest innovations in the respective topic area.

Collaboration in the Inno-Hub

Identify relevant future technologies

Find new innovations, breakthrough technologies, emerging startups, groundbreaking patents and more. Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up to date with the latest trends and innovations!

Innovation compass

Crowd-sourced ideas

Different perspectives and diverse views make for better and more creative ideas. In your Innovation Hub, you can involve colleagues, employees, customers, suppliers or experts with just a few clicks and work together on problems.

Collaboration in INNO-VERSE

AI and innovation - your secret weapon

Innovation thrives on creative solutions, revolutionary thinking and the courage to deviate from the usual. Our AI tools support you in thinking "out of the box" and creating new solutions. At the same time, they optimise your workflows, simplify your everyday life and allow you to focus on the essentials.

AI and innovation

Excellent feedback from enthusiastic customers who have established INNO-VERSE:

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" Unfortunately, I haven't had access to INNO-VERSE at Siemens yet."

Michael Mirow

Michael Mirow

Former Senior Vice President Corporate Strategies, Siemens

Hyve logo

"With INNO-VERSE, innovation processes can be made much more innovative."

​Dr. Giordano Koch

Dr. Giordano Koch

Managing Director Hyve the innovation company

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"With INNO-VERSE, we can systematically and efficiently look at the future and think outside the box when developing ideas."

Christian Handl

Christian Handl

Owner Handl Tyrol

GDI logo

"With INNO-VERSE, all the information and tools needed to shape the future together are available in one place."

Luke Jetzler

Luke Jezler

CEO Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

RWA logo

"With INNO-VERSE, companies can realise Open Management and Open Innovation on one platform."

​Alexander Pilarski

Alexander Pilarski

Chief Strategy Officer RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG

"INNO-VERSE will further increase the innovative power of SMEs across functions".

Martin Straub

Martin Dust

Early stage investor, ex-CEO Bulgarian Telekom

European cluster logo

"The Trend & Innovation Platform has the potential to revolutionise the cluster world!"

Lucia Seel

Lucia Seel

Member of the European Cluster Expert Group of the European Commission

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"With INNO-VERSE, we can work with our members in a new way to come up with innovative solutions."

Fritz Fahringer

Fritz Fahringer

Standortagentur Tirol Head of Trendlabor

ACB logo

"Collaboration and communication with members can be taken to a new level."

Gerhard Stübe

Gerhard Stübe

President of the Austrian Convention Bureau,  GF Congress Culture Bregenz

AI in the innovation compass

Integrate your content with AI

Use our AI content tools to integrate your own content into your Innovation Hub. Create a source of constant inspiration for your colleagues and employees and lay the foundation for creative thinking and breathtaking solutions.

Try INNO-VERSE now for free

With INNO-VERSE, you develop the solutions that will move your company forward tomorrow. Find out now how you can increase your innovative capacity and test INNO-VERSE free of charge and without any obligation.

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Build your own Innovation Hub

Teams develop the best solutions with the help of Innovation Hubs. Immerse yourself in your digital innovation space, where you work with your team, customers, partners and experts to use AI and the best tools to find outstanding solutions.

This is what a hub looks like
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