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Milestones in our history

It all started with the idea of revolutionising innovation and strategy work with digital assistants.

2016: Foundation in-manas

A strategy assistance system was implemented for an international group as part of a pilot project.

2017: First product & first pilot customers

The first investment round gave us the opportunity to build a strong development team.

2018: First investment round

A software platform with smart foresight, innovation and strategy tools was realised.

2019: Launch software platform

International customers use the platform successfully.

2021: International market success

The world's most revolutionary innovation and strategy platform is born.

2022: Launch of INNO-VERSE

Our Story. Our Team.

What and who stands behind INNO-VERSE

Die Idee hinter INNO-VERSE: Es ist an der Zeit, die Innovationsarbeit zu erneuern.

Many discussions with decision-makers, hundreds of consulting projects with large and small companies as well as exchanges with top scientists over the years have made us realise that new approaches to solutions in innovation and strategy work are in demand. We therefore set out on our journey in 2016 with the goal of realising a new world of solutions by linking the latest technologies with forward-looking innovation and strategy concepts.

In close cooperation with international pioneer customers, scientists and visionaries, we approached our goal step by step. In 2022, with INNO-VERSE, we can now actually present the most revolutionary and impactful innovation and strategy platform for companies and organisations. The successes of our pioneer customers from different customer groups show that with INNO-VERSE you can really take your innovation and strategy work to a new level.

A special team of experts

A team of visionaries, strategists, implementers, developers, designers and editors work in a network to develop INNO-VERSE.

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