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Innovation compass


Find new innovations, technologies, start-ups and more

Innovation scouting and trend monitoring made easy. Create individual content with AI.

Innovation examples

Find examples of innovation

Get access to thousands of global innovation examples in our innovation database. Whether it's sustainable packaging, new production methods or AI solutions: For each trend or problem area, you will find the latest contributions, which are summarised by our scouting team.


This way you stay informed about relevant trends and don't miss any new innovations!

Create research

Create researches, share knowledge

Conduct research alone or in a team and share the results. With just a few clicks, you can create collections on personal topics or on areas of interest for the entire team.

This gives your team a real knowledge advantage and lays the foundation for future-proof product and solution development.

AI in the innovation compass

Contribute your own innovation examples

Are you already implementing Innovation Scouting today? Then use our content management system and bring your results to a place that is accessible to all colleagues.

With AI support, you can build a systematic knowledge management system that offers you real competitive advantages.

Our Content gives you unlimited possibilities

Discover the latest products from innovation leaders and disruptors.

Find the top start-ups in your industry.

Receive new innovation examples every day on your PC or smartphone.

Be inspired by thousands of current innovation examples.

Build your own knowledge management with AI.

Get access to our Content

1. Create a free INNO-VERSE account
2. Secure your place in the Content Hub for 240€ per year

Overview of the innovation compass

The benefits in brief

New innovation articles in your topic areas every day

Simple trend monitoring for every team

Simple, digital trend research instead of time-consuming manual research processes

Your own knowledge management - fast, simple, collaborative

Our Content makes tech and innovation scouting easier than ever before. Of course, we are still happy to offer our help.

Use our support to understand how you can systematically monitor trends and build a knowledge advantage.

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