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Develop more creative ideas, design superior business models and discover the best startups, technologies and innovations with CoCreator - the AI assistant in INNO-VERSE.

CoCreator AI

Summarize and integrate every innovation with one click

Building your own knowledge management has never been so easy: CoCreator creates articles for you and assigns them to the right trends and industries. Simply enter keywords, URL or document and with one click you have the summary in your hub!

Get external knowledge from real sources

Extend your knowledge with the brand new AI Insights, exclusively for your workspace. The CoCreator provides you with personalised reports from external, trusted sources based on your queries. This gives you structured answers to a wide range of questions!

Automated innovation screening

Soon you will be able to automatically search trade journals, academic journals, news portals and much more and integrate them into your knowledge management. Simply enter your preferred sources and CoCreator will search them for innovations relevant to your company and integrate them into your knowledge management.

Develop better and more creative ideas

CoCreator is available on the Innoboard for you to develop new ideas and solutions. With just a few clicks, you can get individual ideas for your problem.

Developing business models with AI

CoCreator can do even more: CoCreator generates entire business models with just a little information. The most important information about the value proposition, the target group and the revenue models are waiting for you and accelerate your strategic work many times over.

Challenging existing business models

Work with CoCreator and use the Nightmare Competitor approach to challenge your existing business model. By assuming the position of a radically disruptive competitor, you can uncover potential weaknesses or risks in today's business model and increase your resilience.

Create customised scenarios with AI

Prepare for all eventualities with the help of the CoCreator. The AI now builds scenarios from individual keywords to predict the best and worst-case scenarios. In this way, you can prepare yourself and your company for the future quickly and with minimal effort.

AI and innovation - your secret weapon

Innovation thrives on creative solutions, revolutionary thinking and the courage to deviate from the usual. Our AI tools support you in thinking "out of the box" and creating new solutions. At the same time, they optimise your workflows, simplify your everyday life and allow you to focus on the essentials.

AI and innovation
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