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The in-manas team is growing!

Updated: May 16


We are pleased that our team at in-manas is constantly growing. We want to develop INNO-VERSE further, have many exciting ideas and in order to implement them, we need a strong team with a lot of commitment. That is why we have received reinforcements in some departments to ensure a successful future for INNO-VERSE.

We are therefore pleased to welcome our new team members Tamara Allram, Cristina Guerra and José Bailo.

Tamara Allram

Tamara Allram - Sales

Tamara joins our sales team and contacts potential customers both by phone and email. She is very communicative and good with people. Her strong interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for sales make her the perfect addition to our sales team.

Cristina Guerra

Cristina Guerra - Product Design

Cristina is an experienced UX / UI designer from Gran Canaria. She has seen it all: In her career so far, she has already managed a large number of software projects. Now she is joining our product and design team to make the (AI) features in the INNO-VERSE even more user-friendly.

Jose Bailo

José Bailo - Software Development

José is an experienced full-stack developer, also from Spain, who expands and complements our team with his many years of experience. With his differentiated perspective, he brings us new ideas and makes us question things we take for granted, which opens up exciting perspectives.

The first thing that our "newcomers" have already implemented is the Workspace Insights feature. Cristina worked on the design and José on the implementation. In the meantime, Tamara has implemented a new sales strategy that she developed together with the team.

We look forward to many more projects and ideas that we can realize with your help in the INNO-VERSE.

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