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Our milestones in 2023

A few weeks before the turn of the year, we would like to look back at the most important highlights of the past few months and review the year 2023. A lot has happened at INNO-VERSE, from a new coat of paint to some new features to a premiere launch with which we want to sustainably improve and change the innovation work. Today we would like to not only look at the milestones in the past, but also focus on some of the things that are on our agenda in 2024. But let's start at the beginning:

January 2023: The year begins with a visual change and new registration options.

New year - new look: In January our platform was given a new coat of paint. Large parts of the INNO-VERSE were adapted to the new design and form language. This mainly affected corners that were rounded and individual shadow effects. Since then, the platform design has appeared even more “rounded”. In addition, since the beginning of the year, users have had the opportunity to register themselves in INNO-VERSE and join public hubs. You no longer need an invitation from the hub administrators.

New design language: round corners

April 2023: The trend radar becomes more flexible and easier to analyze.

We started the first major update in the spring. This made the trend radar even more flexible. Since April, users have been able to define macro trend questions themselves and tailor their trend radar precisely to their question. In this way, users have a radar that is optimally tailored to their needs. In addition, the insights into the evaluation of the mega and macro trend questions have been improved.

Simply add your own macro trend questions

June 2023: Global search now finds everything across the entire hub and in the Innovation Compass.

With the next update in early summer, the use of the innovation hub was further simplified. Global search was introduced in June, making it easy and quick to search the entire hub. Finding specific content has become much easier - no matter where it is in the hub. The search for innovation articles in the Compass has also been improved and now delivers even better results so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

The global search in the hub and innovation compass

August 2023: AI premiere: We are launching the CoCreator, our AI in the INNO-VERSE.

That was probably the highlight of the year: In the summer we launched our AI assistant, the CoCreator , on the pinboard. Since then he has been supporting you in coming up with ideas. It helps you find completely new ideas and innovation approaches and take your innovation work to the next level. Without lengthy brainstorming, but with just a few clicks, you can easily and quickly receive suggested solutions and make your innovation process even more efficient. You can have the CoCreator suggest an idea to you or - in the spirit of augmented intelligence - work it out together with him. The ideas can then easily be saved on the pinboard. With this important step, we are laying the foundation for a number of AI features in INNO-VERSE.

The CoCreator, our AI on the pinboard

September 2023: The AI is learning and can already do more than it was a month ago.

After the launch success, the CoCreator has already learned something new and can help you with the next matter. With “CoCreator goes Business Model” AI can officially develop revolutionary business models to make you unique in the market. With new business models, similar to the Nightmare Competitor, it is now possible to find a suitable business model and run a successful company.

The CoCreator develops business models

November 2023: The CoCreator now also creates articles for your hub.

A month ago we introduced our latest major update, in which we further expanded AI capabilities. The CoCreator now supports the innovation compass to accelerate and simplify the detection of trends and innovations. With just a PDF, link or a few keywords, the CoCreator immediately creates an article. This allows you to quickly collect innovations, store them centrally and access them for inspiration at any time.

The CoCreator creates articles in the Innovation Compass

Outlook 2024: This is on our plan next year.

After an exciting year of progress, we look forward to next year as the CoCreator continues to develop and learn new skills. Look forward to an enormous simplification and acceleration of your innovation work. Our unique AI tools will help you overcome challenges in ways that are not possible anywhere else. More than ever, INNO-VERSE will be the place where innovation takes place.

We look forward to the new challenges and to further simplifying innovation work in the coming year and making it accessible to everyone. With this in mind, we wish you a happy holiday and a good start into an innovative new year!


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